No Expensive MLS or Association Fees!

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No Expensive MLS or Board Dues!

Utah Referral Network is a ‘referral only’ brokerage that enables licensed real estate agents in Utah to keep their license active so they can legally collect referral fees from real estate transactions. Utah Referral Network is not affiliated with the Board of Realtors so you don’t have to pay Board Dues or MLS fees.

Utah Referral Network has been a great way for me to keep making money in real estate without paying extra fees.

J Dee Carlson

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If I want to start practicing real estate full time in the future, can I do that?

Yes! You can hang your license with another brokerage anytime.

Will I pay brokerage fees to hang my license with Utah Referral Network?

You will pay a nominal fee to hang your license with Utah Referral Network.

While hanging my license with your brokerage, could I ever represent a client as their agent?

No. As a referral only agent, you can only refer agents to other brokers/agents.

What fees will I pay as a referral-only agent?
$10/month or $100/year and $500/transaction.